Imagine waking up each morning and LITERALLY having to pinch yourself because your life is SO. UNBELIEVABLY. AMAZING.

What if you looked and felt so incredible that people kept asking you what you were doing - and how they could have a piece of it?

What if you could make money by helping others improve their health on the inside and the way they look on the outside?

What if, instead of following internet ‘gurus’ and other untouchable business leaders, you could be inspired by your very own support network of women going through the same journey as you?

Oh, and what if you could work with a mentor who’s been THE top customer enroller in her company for the past six years, a top business grower for the past five years, and has made $1 million dollars from doing work she adores?

Sounds pretty WONDERFUL, right?

Maybe even too good to be true? Well, it’s not. I’m living proof of that.

Hey there, I’m Tracy Wenkman, health fanatic, lover of life, and the most unconventional network marketer you’ll ever meet. Why? Because all of those achievements I mention above were all reached principally with customers, not recruitment. In other words, I totally flipped the traditional multi-level marketing business model straight on its head. What a rebel. 😉

Want to know how I did it? Here’s my story.

Growing up, I had a pretty sweet life. My parents were both successful entrepreneurs doing meaningful work that made them happy, I got a great college education, and life was good. But then my dad died suddenly at age 55. My mom was a widow at 53. And I was a woman who had her whole life ahead of her but didn’t have a father any more.

What were we going to do without him?

My mom could easily have let life as we knew it slip away, but she had her own network marketing business to run. She had hundreds of people to help through her products. That business was as much her baby as I ever was!

She was a strong and fiercely independent woman, and she didn’t have to rely on anyone but herself to continue living the way she wanted to. Her business gave her a reason to get up every day. It gave her a purpose. And as a result, she didn’t have to sell my childhood home or make drastic changes to her lifestyle because my dad was no longer around.

It was while watching my mom that I decided I wanted to be an independent woman who helped others.

Of course, it took me awhile to get there. Like so many people, I got sucked into Corporate America and worked various unfulfilling jobs through my 20s and 30s. But, the thought that I always kept with me was:

If I was the CEO, I could do things my way.

It wasn’t until 6+ years ago that I started using some new health and wellness products and literally fell in love. (Luckily my husband isn’t the jealous type!) My life has never been the same...

While using the products, my energy went through the roof, my skin glowed as if I was having daily facials, and I even started to lose the weight I’d been wanting to shift for aaaages.

After 10 days of people telling me how great I looked and asking what I was doing and could they have a piece, I knew I was onto something special and I thought I’VE GOTTA GET THESE PRODUCTS OUT TO MORE PEOPLE!

This was my opportunity to own my independence and help others, just like my mom. So I put on my boss hat firmly on (and haven’t worn any other hat since, except the occasional fedora).

My first year was insane.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one having a steamy love affair with the products! I had customers crawling out of all corners of the world, all with the same goal: to feel the best possible version of themselves. Inside and out. And I could help them do that. Talk about job satisfaction. Out of 400,000 people in the company, I was awarded Rookie of Year. Nope, I couldn’t believe it either!

And I did it almost completely through customers, not recruitment, which had never ever happened before.

Since starting, I’ve been top customer enroller for six years in a row, top business grower for five years in a row, and I made $1 million in less than five years. Those achievements came chiefly from customers. (This is super rare- I’m like a GD unicorn!) I also grew a small team, most of whom started out as my customers and became associates simply because they adored the products!

But that’s enough about me. I want to talk about you.

I want you to know that you don’t have to depend on anyone else to give you the life you really want. Not a man, not a parent, and not the lottery.

You can make money by getting healthy and helping others do the same.

You can find a community of women from all kinds of different backgrounds but who get you better than anyone has before.

And you can build a profitable network marketing business of your own without the pressure or the need to recruit. A business that feels GOOD. A business that gives you a better life rather than hinders it.

I’ve done it, and now I want to show you how to do it, too.